Our team

Our team consist of experts from a variety of fields. All have extensive experience with European projects, and are ready to give your project a boost. Read about all of our team members below.

Rolf Aslaksrud Kristiansen

Rolf holds a Dr. Scient./PhD in Education and applied science. He has worked as associate professor at University of Oslo within the fields of teacher training, research on media and teaching aids and on special education and ICT. He served as secretary, and later as vice president, of EASE, the European Association of Special Education. 

From 1996 until 2007, he was director of the National Agency Leonardo da Vinci Norway hosted by the National Institute of Technology. As from 2008 being responsible for EUROMASC – European Masters of Skilled Crafts.  Working in an international setting, he promoted transfer of technology and competences from research and development fields to the enterprises. Within this context he initiated the development of systems and services for multilateral monitoring and management of Leonardo projects. 

Working languages: Norwegian, English, Danish, Swedish, German and with working comprehension of French. 

Leif Erik Erikssøn

From 1982 until 2006 he was employed as an ICT Manager by the National Institute of Technology, the Norwegian operator of the Leonardo da Vinci programme. In addition to the ICT duties, he was also working on the implementation and development of the databases and websites for LeoPass, MultiPass and the Linking Up mobility programme. 

 He is now serving as Head of Operations of NTI-MMM being responsible for the operation of Skillsbank and for the development and implementation of spin-offs to the system, YOMTOOL and Skillstube as well as with running projects. He is consulting with EUROMASC in relevant projects. 

 Working languages: Norwegian, English, Danish, Swedish and with working comprehension of German. 

Pietro Olson-Binelli

holds an MSc in Business, Economics and Society of Contemporary China, a BA in Politics, and is finishing his Master in Law

Pietro now works as a Project Manager for NTIM. His current portfolio includes MOMDIG and LOST2, where he is responsible for EUROMASC’s contributions. In addition to this, Pietro assists EUROMASC with the management of projects, recently the EGREEN, the Painting Skills Academy, STEMSOFT, ARtemis, and ACE-EX as well as the development of new project ideas and other activities related to the project portfolio. His work includes development of qualification matrices, creation of MOOCs and other training material, plurilingual translation work, social media content creation, and website design.  

Working languages: Norwegian, Italian, English, Danish, Swedish and some understanding of Spanish 

Sarah Abel 

Sarah Abel holds a BA (2018) and MA (2020) in political science from the University of Oslo. Her thesis “How do you like me now? Cognitive dissonance and adaptive attitude change in the post-election period” is a study of polarization in the United States. As part of her bachelor’s degree, she spent a semester at King’s College London. Sarah joined EUROMASC and NTIM in 2019, where she supported the team on various running European projects including specific desk study research. She worked at EUROMASC for six months before moving to Florence, Italy. There she worked as a research assistant at the European University Institute (EUI). In 2023 she returned to EUROMASC and NTIM as a project manager.

Working languages: Norwegian, English, Danish, Swedish and with working comprehension of Italian.