The YOMTOOL project is funded through the Leonardo da Vinci programme. The coordinating organisation is NTI-MMM  – Multilateral Monitoring and Management  in Norway, working with partners from Austria, France, Belgium, Poland and Germany.

YOMTOOL is an electronic tool which people can use to record the different learning steps which take place in a VET mobility activity. It is an interactive database of individually obtained learning, with links to relevant documents like Journeyman Certificates, sector specific certificates and Europass documents. YOMTOOL is intended to be part of the NetECVET and Euroapprenticeship tool collections.

The aim of the tool is to increase the impact of VET mobility activities and to make VET more attractive, by recording learning taking place through different pathways and providing easier access to the learner’s training records, certificates and qualifications. YOMTOOL is also intended to support the process of individual guidance, through access to a person’s record of previous learning.

The tool can be used by the different partners involved in the mobility activity – the sending institution and receiving institution, together with the individual end user and any mentors associated with the learning process. All users have access to the system, with differentiated access rights depending on their role.

The YOMTOOL is based on the principles of ECVET, with learning outcomes which must be planned, learnt and possibly taught at the host organisation. As the YOMTOOL has been designed to support VET mobility activity, the focus is more on formal learning, but there is also a non-formal element linked to learning which takes place in the workplace.

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