NTIM  (NTI-MMM) has delivered  WEB based services to facilitate monitoring and management of transnational projects based on a product portfolio branded MultiPass  covering the life span of projects from application to reporting. The basic idea behind MultiPass was to connect project promoters and participants with the programme agencies, securing data quality and reducing the need to retype information at each level of project management.

Over the last years NTIM has involved in direct project operation, targeting European mobility activities and implementing ECVET principles in competence development, mapping and documentation. The YOMTOOL  project, together with Skillsbank  and Know-In  are examples of this type of developments. In cooperation with EUROMASC, NTIM continues the Leonardo da Vinci and LLP support activities with the use of ECVET principles in an EQF oriented environment into the new Erasmus+ programme generation.

Company background

NTIM  (NTI-MMM ) was established in 2006 as a spinoff from the former operator of the EU programme Leonardo da Vinci, The National Institute of  Technology/Teknologisk Institutt (TI), and has been in operation as from 1 January 2007. Experiences from EU programme operation since 1995 form the core competences to organise and advise on the practical operation of transnational programmes and projects.

Company activities:
Project monitoring and reporting

As from 1996 the first project tracking service was implemented and further developed into LeoPass in 2000, whereas the broader approach of multilateral monitoring and management of projects into MultiPass  was extended with the EU Commission’s LLP programme. The services have also covered mobility initiatives like Linking Up for new EU Member States and the bilateral German-Norwegian exchange programme Gjör det  as well as Europass and a Partner Search Database .

The portfolio of NTIM WEB based services through MultiPass covered the complete project life cycle from application through assessment and selection to contracting, monitoring and reporting on projects. NTIM has served several countries and Leonardo da Vinci Agencies with one or more of the procedures/actions available. Before the EU Commission’s  Mobility Tool was launched, two thirds of all Leonardo da Vinci mobilities were organised in MultiPass.

A subset of MultiPass, the Rap4Leo service targeting the reporting needs of Leonardo da Vinci Mobility, was developed in cooperation with the European Commission and was in operation since 2004 on special contracts. The service delivered a realtime reporting service addressing 34 National Agencies and with support to the 24 national language versions used. On a yearly basis 4-5000 new project applications were processed – accumulating more than 300.000 participants reporting in the Rap4Leo database.

Project management, partnering and service provisions

Over the last years NTIM has involved in direct project operation and partnerships linked to EU 2020 targets working in line with EQF, ECVET, ESCO and EQARF principles. This has enlarged the project portfolio directly covering the YOMTOOL, Skillsbank & Skillstube projects, and has also established relations to other projects like KNOW-IN, SME Master, IC50+, The Backstage, The Painting Skills Network and ETQI through service provisions and database options.

The new Erasmus+ programme generation, ESF and the EEA Grants schemes are offering interesting frameworks for project promoters as well as for partners and participants. NTIM is an active partner in organising new projects where ECVET principles and the use of Learning Outcome descriptions area at the core. At national level Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA), Akershus County Council, Norasonde, the Norwegian Adult Education Association (VoFo) and EUROMASC have been involved in the partnerships.